We are committed to revolutionizing the energy industry by empowering individuals

At Open Power, we are people's impartial link to the wider energy system, dedicated to maximizing returns for individuals who utilize small-scale renewables for their buildings. Our team of industry experts, technology enthusiasts, and engineers have developed a cutting-edge software solution that democratizes access to energy markets and ensures greater financial benefits for everyday individuals through their exported energy. Our ultimate goal is to shorten the payback period for these assets, accelerate adoption, and contribute to the nation's journey towards achieving net-zero emissions.

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Our team is passionate about building for the future, a more connected energy industry where the individual has agency over their power

  • Chris

    Trained as an Engineer, Chris has worked across consulting and the tech industry for over 8 years. Passionate about economics and creating a fairer society, he wants to leave a mark on the energy industry, helping the little guy get a bigger piece of the pie.

  • Amir

    Coming from an Academic background, Amir has advised governments and major players throughout the industry on the energy transition. He now wants to put this knowledge to good use and be a force for change to the grassroots of the industry, microgenerators

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